Lendlease Decided to Net Zero Carbon Emissions with the by Year 2025

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Lendlease has declared its commitment to work towards 2 carbon goals: net zero carbon by 2025 and total zero carbon by 2040. Its intention is to turn into a 1.5°C-qualified company.

The business will undertake five important measures towards both of these goals. To begin with, it is going to produce a decarbonisation investment plan, which is directed by Lendlease’s goals, business plan and development pipeline.

Second, it is going to phase out gas and diesel, and concentrate on fuel switching and electrification from the performance of its developments and assets. Third, Lendlease will transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030 via a blend of onsite renewable technology, in addition to the cost of renewable energy and renewable energy certificates.

Last, it is going to collaborate with residents and tenants to transition into renewable energy.

The GRESB is an investor-driven standard and reporting framework for the worldwide property and infrastructure business based on ecological, social and corporate governance performance.

Kelvin Chow, CEO of Lendlease Global Commercial Trust Management, states LREIT strives to produce long-term value for both stakeholders and offer a powerful competitive advantage, given the greater need for renewable resources.